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May 06 2009

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Ravi Shankar on the Dick Cavett Show

March 25 2009

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an oldie .... Jeff Buckley live

March 19 2009

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YouTube - My Brightest Diamond - "To Pluto's Moon" - Live at Hotel Cafe
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YouTube - My Brightest Diamond - "Ice & The Storm" - Live at Hotel Cafe

I may be intrigued

March 18 2009

0380 ca2c
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March 15 2009

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YouTube - the vegetable orchestra
weltberühmt - in österreich ;)

March 14 2009

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YouTube - Lady GaGa - "Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes" - LIVE Acoustic Performance

March 10 2009

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Elizabethan Music

"Fine knacks for ladies",
composed by John Dowland,
The King's Singers

in: "Madrigal History Tour: England" - for BBC TV ~1981

in higher definition

"Fine knacks for ladies"

Fine knacks for ladies, cheap choice, brave and new,
Good penny worths, but money cannot move;
I keep a fair, but for the fair to view;
A beggar may be liberal of love.

Though all my wares be trash, the heart is true.

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March 08 2009

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mein liebstes deichkind video limit - die optik ist ..speziell
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I love, love,loooove the song and Jamie Lidell fcourse :))
listen people just give yourself the green light

March 05 2009

correction, these entries below are not all swamp music (rock,pop) examples. Not really. Its - for me at least - quite hard to tell. But of course, you have Country, Blues, Funk,Rock - Country, Bluegrass, Folk....
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YouTube - The Felice Brothers - Her Eyes Dart Round (Cornbury 2007)
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YouTube - Lee Dorsey- Get Out Of My Life, Woman
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YouTube - Lee Dorsey - O Me-O, My-O
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YouTube - Reverend Horton Heat- Marijuana
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YouTube - Jimmy Bowskill-Creepin'
the base player looks like papa bear ;)
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ha ha - thats my wish for the day - I ll learn play this tune in this tempo with this perfection . ha ha
Les Paul
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YouTube - Jimmy Bowskill Drifting Haze
whats that...like it .. endlich mal "jammen" mit Biss!
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YouTube - Jimmy Bowskill 'A Delta Slide Blues'
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